Titanic 3D Trailer

Titanic 3D Trailer, In an era when film trailers debut before many eyeballs on cellphone screens, how do you market a “Titanic 3-D” movie whose story is well known and whose chief selling point is the big screen, 3-D experience?

For “Titanic 3D,” the 3-D conversion of James Cameron’s 1997 epic due in theaters in April, distributors Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox are trying a mixture of personal appeal and nostalgia.

In a version of a sneak-peak of the movie that debuted only on “Titanic’s” Facebook page today, Cameron stepped in front of the camera to introduce the film.

“I want to share the new ‘Titanic’ trailer with you guys first,” Cameron reads awkwardly off a cue card at the start of the trailer. “I hope you enjoy the trailer, and I can’t wait for you to experience ‘Titanic’ like never before, when we release the film in 3D this April. I’m excited to be bringing ‘Titanic’ back to the big screen again, which is an experience you shouldn’t miss.”

For most moviegoers around the globe, the elements of the trailer will be intimately familiar: a 22-year-old, tuxedo clad Leonardo DiCaprio at the foot of the ship’s grand staircase, 21-year-old Kate Winslet posing nude for a portrait, the massive passenger liner plummeting vertically into the North Atlantic as Celine Dion belts out “My Heart Will Go On.”

Here’s the video in HD:

The two studios are spending $18 million converting the film, a winner of 14 Academy Awards and the highest grossing movie of all time until Cameron’s “Avatar” knocked it from its perch in 2009. They are banking on fans coming back to theaters, just as they did for Disney’s recent 3-D conversion of “The Lion King,” as well as those who were either too young or too far from theaters to see “Titanic” on the big screen in the first place, such as audiences in burgeoning film territories like China and Russia.

“Titanic 3-D” will be released worldwide April 6.

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