Tom Cruise’s Porsche From Risky Business Auction

Tom Cruise drove three different Porsches in the 1983 teen comedy-drama “Risky Business,” but only one of them will be up for auction.

This 1979 prestigious sports car is likely to bring in as much as $60,000 at Profiles in History’s Hollywood Treasure From the Vaults auction. However, the auction house CEO, Joe Maddalena, has high expectations that it will bring in even more money because of the cars movie history.

“Tom Cruise learned to drive a stick in this car … and there’s a rumor Sean Penn actually had snuck into one scene and he (Cruise) started the car and got ready to drive and Sean Penn stuck his hand in and turned the ignition off,” Maddalena told “Access Hollywood Live.”

In addition, he revealed that Porsche officials would not allow director Paul Brickman to use their cars in the film, so he purchased three used ones for the movie. Maddalena adds, “When the movie came out, it was a two-hour commercial for Porsche; it literally put them on the map … Maybe Porsche will buy it back.” The auctioneer is also hoping the car’s most famous “owner” wants it back: “Maybe Tom Cruise (will buy it).”

This car is only one of several movie vehicles that will be auctioned as part of the Hollywood Treasure From the Vaults auction segment on July 30 and 31.

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