​Tom Cruise Leaving Scientology: Mission Impossible Actor To Leave Church Of Scientology After Talk With Daughter

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Jul. 7, 2015

Actor Tom Cruise is leaving Scientology and might abandon all beliefs from the organization after a phone call with his daughter Suri. A friend reports that Cruise was upset after talking on the phone and is questioning his beliefs with the Church of Scientology. If the report is true, then the actor could face massive consequences for his departure, according to Hollywood Life.

Cruise, 53, has been the most visible devotee for the Church of Scientology and he’s been tied to the organization since the 1980s. Tom wants to put his daughter first and wants a new relationship with Suri, according to insiders. The relationship between Tom Cruise and his daughter has left the actor empty.

“She was going on and on about her ballet class and how much she loves it.,” the source said. “It hit him that she’s growing up before his eyes and he’s not there to witness most of it. They talk on the phone and video chat, but it’s not the same.”

Tom Cruise leaving Scientology means that he will put Suri first

Tom Cruise leaving Scientology means that he will put Suri first

Is Tom Cruise leaving Scientology? Well, he realizes he’s been under tremendous pressure because Suri and Katie doesn’t want to be close to the church. The organization also feels embarrassed because their own poster boy isn’t raising his child in the church.

“If they label Suri a suppressive person (a Scientology term for an enemy of the church), as they’ve been known to do with dissenters, that would make it hard for Tom to have a relationship with her. He’s between a rock and a hard place, but he’s finally making a choice to put his daughter first,” the source added.

As previously reported by NewsOXY, another source came out in 2014 alleging that Cruise was having second thoughts about the religion after it crumbled his marriage to Holmes and second wife Nicole Kidman. Tom has missed several birthdays and school events and is having a difficult time deciding what is more important in his life.

“Suri is not a baby anymore; she is fully aware that her father isn’t around much,” the source said. “When she speaks to him on the phone, it’s becoming more and more like she’s talking to a stranger.” The source adds that Tom Cruise has been very depressed, a feeling that the Church of Scientology doesn’t believe.

Cruise understands that his relationship with the Church of Scientology has ruined all three of his marriages. Tom has confessed to others close to him that he may be ready for a change, but he also must abandon his religion to have any relationship with his daughter. It’s fair to say that Tom Cruise has lost everything in his life.

“Now he’s lost the most precious thing in his life, he sees that his Scientology beliefs may not have hurt his box office [success] but have ended not one but two marriages,” the friend said last year hinting that Tom Cruise may be leaving Scientology.

Scientology is actually a practice system with beliefs created by the late author L. Ron Hubbard. It started in 1952 as an expansion of his earlier system, Dianetics.

Hubbard characterized Scientology as a religion, and in 1953 he incorporated the Church of Scientology in Camden, New Jersey. The religion teaches that people are immortal beings who have forgotten their true nature.

Cruise is only one celebrity of many who have practiced its type of counselling known as auditing. Tom has been known to be an auditor, one who guides a subject into consciously re-experiencing painful or traumatic events in his past in order to free himself of the limiting effects of those events.

Scientology is legally recognized as a tax-exempt religion in the United States, as well as 8 other countries in the world. In contrast, the organization is considered a commercial enterprise in Switzerland, a cult in France and Chile, and a non-profit organization in Norway.

The actor and Katie Holmes used to be close friends with church leader David Miscavige

Cruise had also become extremely close to Scientology church leader David Miscavige in recent years. But after Tom was divorced from Holmes, the between the two men has greatly deteriorated.

Tom Cruise may be leaving Scientology forever, but this is the second time the rumor has surfaced. It’s more believable that he will quit the church like any father would if it meant choosing between religion or his daughter.

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