Tom Hanks Pacific Palisades News Of Famous Community

Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, have purchased a large 14,500 square-feet Pacific Palisades mansion. The ultra-contemporary home is twice as big as their previous residence. It came with a $26 million price tag.

Hanks now has four bedrooms and five baths. In fact, the home is the highest-priced sale so far in Los Angeles County for 2010. The mansion was designed by Gwathmey Siegel and Associates. It was built in 1996 and purchased from Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall.

Pacific Palisades is a community of approximately 27,000 people. It is surrounded by Santa Monica to the southeast, the Santa Monica Bay to the southwest, Brentwood to the east, and Malibu to the west. The homes located there include private mansions, smaller homes, condos, and apartment complexes.

The actor is known for his Oscar-winning performances in movies such as “Forest Gump” and “Philadelphia.” He has been in 19 movies, which have more than $100 million each. Hanks is only one of two actors in history that has achieved seven consecutive million dollar blockbusters.

Where The Mountains Meet the Sea

Pacific Palisades is a very affluent and primarily residential area in Los Angeles, California. The community is known as “Where The Mountains Meet the Sea” and is home to numerous Hollywood celebrities and luminaries. It has one newspaper directly serving the area. However, the community was served by two papers until they merged in the 1970s.

The parks and recreation areas are also famous. It has the Will Rogers State Historic Park and Polo Club. While Will Rogers made Beverly Hills his home in late twenties, in 1922, he bought a large plot of almost 200 acres of land above Sunset to build a weekend cottage.

He then built a polo field on the property in 1926. In 1944, after Will Rogers died, the ranch became a state park. In the interest of historical preservation, the home is maintained as it was including the furniture and fixtures.

Famous Community Filming Location

The 2005 Anne Hathaway, Bijou Phillips film Havoc was set in the Palisades and filmed at the local high school. Television programs including “James at 16” (1977), and the 1976 blockbuster movie “Carrie” was also filmed on location at the same high school. The TV series “Baywatch” was filmed at Lifeguard Headquarters by tower 15 of the Will Rogers State Beach.

The TV series “Rockford Files” was often filmed in and around the community during the 1970s. The first season residence of the television series “The Golden Girls” was a home in Pacific Palisades. Tom Hanks is living in a very historical place.