Tom Hanks Wasted Photos 2012 Reveals Fun With Fan

Tom Hanks pretended to be wasted in photos with a fan while on vacation with his wife, and now those pictures have gone viral on the Internet. The actor played along with the prank, smiling and pointing his finger at the fan.

He is one of the world’s most recognizable people and today his fan base has just grown because people believe the actor is “the most fun celebrity” in the world. Some fans have said he’s “truly awesome” as they comment on the pictures. People who have met the Academy award-winning actor say that he’s every bit as approachable as the great-guy characters he often plays in movies.

The actor can be seen pointing, laughing, and putting his own eye glasses on the “drunk” guy, who also ends up face down in front of some pizza at the same table.

“My friend met Tom Hanks, stole his glasses and pretended to be wasted,” reads the headline of a post on Reddit linking to the images, which have already been viewed more than 800,000 times.

The location in the photos is still a mystery, but Hanks was recently on vacation in Fargo, North Dakota last week.

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