​Top Child Actors All Time, Careers

Staff Reporter
Aug. 21, 2013

Top Child Actors All Time. The top child actors on television of all time are still around but many have changed careers. Everyone remembers them on TV, but where are they now?

Drew Barrymore - Everyone remembers her from the movie ET. It was a classic and really launched her career into over drive. After this performance, she was allowed to do many more movies, which led to her capturing everyone’s hearts as she grew up.

Mickey Rooney - Mickey really came to fame in Mickey McGuire, but that was a long time ago. Most people remember him during his long and storied acting career playing some of the most memorable parts the big screen as ever known, but there is an entire generation that only remember the child they grew up loving.

Judy Garland - How could anyone have a list of child actors and not include Judy Garland? I don’t think it is possible and you won’t catch me doing this here today. She stole our hearts in the Wizard of Oz and never looked back.

Macaulay Culkin - The little boy that slapped his hands together and screamed in Home Alone became unforgettable. The sequels to the original were not as good, but they did well at the box office because Macaulay had stole hearts. This was my generation and he was a superstar next to no others.

Shirley Temple - Who else did you think was going to top this list? She absolutely solidified her self as the greatest child actor in Glad Rags to Riches. The singing and dancing part is one that generations will forever watch and remember in awe of this little girl that just dazzled us.

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