By: Kara Gilmour
Published: Jun 25, 2021

Top Femmes Fatales

These moments of top femmes fatales in film are incredible. The acting that was done to make the fatales are pure classics. As we look back in time we discover top masterpieces in film and the awarding roles these famous people have played.

1. Matty Walker in Body Heat - we begin with Kathleen Turner. The story is about a beautiful, married woman who seduces a gullible man to kill her rich husband so that they can run off together and live on the fortune. She is number 1 on our top femmes fatales list.

2. Suzanne Stone in “To Die For” - Suzanne Stone (Nicole Kidman) is another anomaly on our list. She’s not motivated by greed, revenge or desperation, but by ambition. She’s not very bright or particularly talented, but she’s determined to make it as a famous newscaster, and will not allow anything to stand in her way.

3. Bridget Gregory in The Last Seduction - Linda Fiorentino is probably the coldest woman on the femmes fatales list. Like many of the women on this list, her motivation is cash, plain and simple. In order to get it, she puts her husband in the crosshairs of a loan shark, persuades another man to commit murder and eventually has that man imprisoned by framing him for rape.

4. Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct - In the film, Sharon Stone plays a mystery writer under investigation for murder by Michael Douglas’ detective character. Apart from the bisexuality and the hot sex scenes, there’s very little about Basic Instinct that’s remarkable. The reason we chose Tramell over all the other femmes fatales Stone has played — and that Douglas’ characters have dated — is because of the classic femme fatale interrogation scene.

5. Laura in Brick - Director Rian Johnson’s high school crime drama is one of the finest examples of neo-noir cinema. This little independent film is memorable for lots of reasons, not the least of which is for its femme fatale, Laura, played by Nora Zehetner. She’s sexy and seductive and delivers lines like, “Keep up with me now,” as good as any classic antiheroine in film noir.

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