Top 5 Hollywood Tearjerkers

This is a list of the top Hollywood tearjerkers of all time. Most of these tearjerkers are filmed in America and date from the 1970s. There were a number of top box office films that were made in Hollywood with sad endings.

Most people can’t watch them without crying and it only proves that the director did their job. There was on film that starred Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw in 1970 called “Love Story.” This particular film is one of the top Hollywood tearjerkers because it set high emotions and it wasn’t a very good ending.

Gladiator – Maximus’ Final Homecoming. Now, this was a tragic scene. It was a big fight before the final welcome return to his beloved, murdered family. The entire Hollywood movie led up to it.

The Lion King – Mufasa’s Death is one of the great tearjerkers. You show me a child that didn’t at the very least tear up watching this scene and I’ll show you someone likely to grow up as a perpetrator of some of the less fashionable bodily crimes currently on the books. This Hollywood movie has everything: beloved father, outright betrayal, child in denial, and solemn strings. They are also cuddly animals.

Amelie – The Blind Man. Another curious Hollywood film. Hard to know what it is about this scene, exactly. It’s simple and joyous and the music is perfect and it almost invariably makes me tear up. It’s very emotional, that’s for sure.

Life is Beautiful – Guido’s Death. As the Nazis come for him, Guido convinces his son that he needs to hide because this is all just another game, one more adventure between them. It wasn’t a game, but he didn’t want his son to know that. This movie really tugged at my heartstrings and didn’t present itself as one of those tearjerkers.