Transgender Jenna Talackova Miss Universe Hopeful For Second Chance

After being disqualified in the Miss Universe Canada contest two weeks ago for being a transgender female, Jenna Talackova has been reinstated and will compete in the beauty pageant, or so they say.

Talackova had become one of the finalists in the Donald Trump owned beauty contest in which the winner would go on to compete in the 61st annual pageant against other countries’ winners, to determine the crown. But after making it as a finalist in the Canada contest, the head of the country’s pageant had found out that Talackova lied on her application about being born a female and in fact, had an operation to change her gender.

At the time, the Canadian pageant stated of her dismissal was, “because she did not meet the requirements to compete despite having stated otherwise on her entry form.”

Trump faced backlash from gay and lesbian activist groups and then stated in a confusing statement that the rule stating that a woman must be “naturally born a female” will be evaluated and Talackova will be allowed to compete, if she can meet “the legal gender recognition requirements of Canada.”

Afterwards at a news conference Talackova presented several legal Canadien documents citing her gender as a female. She said she did not know if that is what Mr. Trump had meant but, that he should be more clarified in his statement and just say, “in plain words whether or not I will be allowed to compete.”

The 23-year-old Jenna had her sex change surgery when she was 19 and stated that she started having feelings of femininity when she was four. She has won the Miss International Queen transgender pageant.

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