​Twilight ‘Breaking Dawn’ Box Office Record

Author: John LesterBy:
Staff Reporter
May. 22, 2014

Twilight is all about entertaining its Breaking Dawn audience, but the box office record is pleasing the business people behind film during it’s opening-day.

On Friday, the final episode in the film series made the sixth-biggest opening day ever, bring in an approximately $71.2 million in domestic box-offices.

Thursday’s 10 p.m. showing of “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” brought in $30.4 million

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” took in $30.4 million during late-night showing’s Thursday and the midnight showings.

On Saturday, the film was just a bit short of making the $72.7 million that it generated the first day for “New Moon” and the $71.6 million generated with “Breaking Dawn – Part 1.”

The “Twilight” franchise has brought in over $1.1 billion in North America alone and more than $2.5 billion worldwide since 2008.

Melissa Anderson, The Village Voice:

“This motley lot — the women bloodsuckers all seem to resemble lip-augmented Tampa trophy wives; the men, hollow-cheeked consumptives who look like VIPs at the clubs ‘SNL”s Stefon frequents — are given ample time to explain and demonstrate their special powers. It’s about as exciting as watching David Blaine play Stratego.”

Brian Orndorf, Blu-ray.com:

“On the plus side, this is likely the last ‘Twilight’ offering for the foreseeable future, until the inevitable ‘Jacob and Renesmee: It’s Baby Love!’ spinoff emerges.”

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