Tyga Shooting From Confrontation With Concert Crew

A confrontation between fans and crew members working during a Tyga concert in Omaha this past Monday night led to a shooting after the show, according to police.

Tyga is a rapper signed to Young Money Entertainment, and his name is an acronym for Thank You God Always.

MTV reported that after the suspects shot up the rapper’s tour bus two people on board were injured. One shooting victim who goes by the stage name of Honey Cocaine, tweeted later, “Got shot and I’m not dead. #LoveLifeAndGod.”

The police report confirmed that Ms. Cocaine was struck on her arm and transported to a nearby hospital, while the second victim, Derrick Lowe was grazed by a bullet in the hip and refused treatment.

A YouTube video shows that towards the end of Tyga’s performance during the concert, some members from the audience were throwing things on the stage. Tyga himself becomes angry with the concert goers throwing items and shouts, “Who threw it?”

Tyga subsequently tells them to meet him outside after the show. The crew members reported that they were later followed by a black four-door sedan after leaving the scene.

Police say the investigation is still ongoing, and no arrests have been made.

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