Tyler Perry Studios Saved After Four-Alarm Fire

A part of Tyler Perry’s large studio building in Atlanta, Georgia became ablaze in a four-alarm fire late Tuesday night but was saved after more than 100 firefighters responded.

“There were no reports of injuries from the blaze that began shortly before 9 p.m. Tuesday and burned through the building’s exterior surface,” Atlanta Fire Capt. Jolyon Bundrige said.

The very large building houses a 200,000-square-foot studio, five sound stages and a 400-seat theater in which Perry produces his shows and movies out of, and after the large blaze, was still left functioning.

The fact that the building was not a loss after eyewitness accounts describing how intense the fire was, is a bit of a miracle and a tribute to the firefighters that fought it.

“It was all in flames,” Dorothy Ware, who lives in a high-rise apartment next door to the studio complex, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.”The building started popping. Whatever the fire was hitting, was blowing up. There were plenty of sparks coming over here where we are.”

Perry reportedly showed up at the site and spoke with the fire chief, Kelvin Cochran about the incident. The cause of the fire has yet to be determined. It was reported that one factor in the building not being lost is the fact that it is broken up into sections.

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