Tyler Perry Transports Whitney Houston’s Body From Plane To Hearse

The body of Whitney Houston on Tuesday was in her home state of New Jersey, where funeral services are expected to be held Saturday.

Tyler Perry who owns the plane that left Van Nuys Airport around 3:15 p.m. Monday and landed Monday night at Teterboro Airport, from where a hearse transported the body to a funeral home in Newark, the singer’s birthplace.

Whitney Houston’s funeral service will be held Saturday in the church where she first showcased her singing talents as a child. Tyler Perry would not confirm if his plane carried Houston’s body.

The owner of the Whigham Funeral Home in Newark said Tuesday that Houston’s funeral will be held at noon at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark. The funeral home said that no wake would be held and that there would be no public memorial at Newark’s Prudential Center, the sports arena that the family had discussed as a possible venue.

Houston, 48, was found in the bathtub in her room at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills on Saturday, hours before she was to attend a party on the eve of the Grammy Awards.

Outside the hotel Monday, fans continued to leave cards, notes, photos and candles in remembrance of the pop icon. In the Leimert Park area of Los Angeles, fans held a vigil in her honor Monday evening.

In New Jersey on Monday, mourners left flowers, balloons and candles for Houston at the wrought-iron fence around the tall brick New Hope church, which sits near the edge of an abandoned housing project near the train line leading to New York City.

“She was an inspiration to everybody,” said Gregory Hanks, an actor who grew up in the neighborhood and who dropped off a bouquet. He saw Houston perform in New Jersey years ago.

“I grew up listening to her as a little boy, and to hear her sing, you knew she was special,” he said.

An impromptu memorial for Houston was held Sunday during a sadness-tinged Grammys, with Jennifer Hudson saluting her memory with a performance of “I Will Always Love You.” Viewership for the awards show soared over last year by 50 percent, with about 40 million viewers tuning in to the program on CBS.

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