Van Halen 2012 Tour and New Album Release

Van Halen 2012 Tour – Van Halen will begin a widespread 2012 tour with David Lee Roth. It’s the first tour since their stint in 2007, the last time the band took the world stage. In fact, portions of their concerts led people to buy tickets because they wanted to see the show so bad. Sources say that it might be the last time this band is together on stage.

Eddie van Halen and David Lee Roth are the two people that really make this band, because Alex on drums, and although we’ve known how young these guys were in the 1980s, they are getting older, like the rest of us.

This is probably one of the best concerts to see and one that is a “must” if you are a fan. But there’s more — a new album is on the way! While we know they will be on tour, we don’t have confirmation if the it will be released prior to the concert dates.

A tour usually promotes a new album, so we can only guess that Van Halen has plans to launch their material prior to taking the stage in 2012, and hopefully things won’t turn bad like they did in 2007.

The tour had to be canceled because of Eddie’s problem with alcohol. It was sad, because fans were pointing it out in videos that were uploaded to YouTube, and sure enough, it looked like a drunken guitarist attempting to perform Eruption on a live stage. However, the fans can forgive all that because this band doesn’t hide the fact that they’re human and may have a few problems, along with getting older.

There were reports that Eddie entered a rehab shortly after the canceled tour dates.

At the time, the information about his health problems remained confidential, and it wasn’t until people thought the worse, such as cancer, that a representative came forward and announced what really happened.

In November 2011, Van Halen signed with Interscope Records, which has sparked rumors of the new album.

Are you ready for the Van Halen 2012 tour?

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