Van Halen Celebrates At KFC Yum Center

Van Halen celebrated their 40th anniversary with their first spectacular performance of their 2012 Tour at the KFC Yum Center in Louisville last night. With tickets ranging from $89-$1,250, the arena was full and many concert locations have already sold out.

Kool & the Gang opened for the main performance and did a wonderful job energizing the crowd for the heart throbbing, floor vibrating explosion of sounds for the entrance of Van Halen. Reuniting with the original singer, David Lee Roth, the fans stood cheering as each band member walked across the stage leading into their first song “You Really Got Me”. Once the music started, a jumbo screen behind the staged played images of the past and also brought the fans down memory lane of not only Van Halen but how their music impacted your younger days.

True fans questioned if the band would be successful without former bass player, Michael Anthony who was later replaced with Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang Van Halen. But their suspensions were soon subsided by his performance as he played side by side with his dad and his talents were brought to surface.

David Lee Roth, now 57-years old, performed, physically at a level understandable less than remembered but his vocals and interaction with the fans outweighed any physical and sexual performance for which he was known. He was able to perform some impressive kicks and brought him back in the fans eyes.

They played all the favorites like, “Runnin With the Devil”, “Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love”, “Hot for Teacher”, and ended the night with an explosion of confetti to “Jump”. When the confetti settled, the band received a standing ovation as they bowed to the crowd. The band was all smiles and seemed to enjoy being back together and their chemistry left the fans wanting more. 

They released a new album this year, “A Different Kind of Truth”, which is the first album since 1984 with the orginial singer, David Lee Roth. 

Their tour does not include the Dayton/Cincinnati/Columbus area but will be playing in Auburn Hills, MI 2/20, Indianapolis, IN 2/22 and Chicago, IL 2/24.  Their tour ends on 6/26 in New Orleans.

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