Van Halen Postpones Tour Without Reason

Van Halen just completed its first album in 26 years with David Lee Roth, but they also postponed their summer tour dubbed “A Different Kind Of Truth.” The tour was planned to promote their new album, but the cancellations were announced with no reason given.

The unexpected postponement, which was announced on the band’s website Thursday with no reason, left many fans who know of the bands long troubled history, wondering if after 40-year egos were still causing feuds among band members.

One unnamed source reported to Rolling Stone magazine that the band members hated each other, and they were arguing and fighting like mad.

The last tour date listed on the band’s site is the June 26th New Orleans stop, with the dozens of other stops after that date, previously listed, removed from the site. CNN notes those tour dates included 31 concerts that were to run from July 7th through September 25th in cities such as Philadelphia, Detroit, Cleveland, Memphis, Cincinnati, Portland, Salt Lake City, Austin and Milwaukee.

The band had begun touring again back on February 18 and have played in 31 venues since then. Thus far no information has been released on whether the dates will be rescheduled or totally canceled and refunds for tickets given.

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