Vanilla Ice Is Alive: Rumors Of Car Wreck

Vanilla Ice is alive and the rumors that rapper Robert Van Winkle “Ice Ice Baby” died in a car wreck are totally not true.

“I don’t know who’s spreading this rumor about me dying in a car crash but – IM ALIVE ! I have like 30 texts, from mom family and friends,” he tweeted.

The culprit behind this latest celebrity death hoax–as is usually the case–is Global Associated News, the notorious site responsible for generating fake news stories about the demise of such celebs as Eddie Murphy, Charlie Sheen, Jeff Goldblum and others, usually knocked off via a snowboarding mishap in Switzerland or falling off a cliff in New Zealand.

In Vanilla Ice’s case, its bogus report alleged the 44-year-old hip-hopster “died in a single vehicle crash on Route 80 between Morristown and Roswell”–which, if you think about it, means it occurred somewhere between New Jersey and New Mexico. Per the site, Ice supposedly lost control while driving a friend’s car at 95 mph and rolled over several times, dying on impact, with findings apparently ruling out drugs and alcohol.

Of course, as E! News previously reported, people can use a template from the Global Associated site to generate ridiculous fake death headlines to prank their friends, but it’s the celebrities who suffer the most.

Vanilla Ice plays himself in Adam Sandler’s new comedy That’s My Boy, which hit theaters this weekend.

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