Vicki Gunvalson Leaving RHOC: Gunvalson Enjoys The Drama

Vicki Gunvalson has thought about leaving the RHOC franchise since it began in 2006, but she admits that she enjoys the drama in the hit Bravo show. Gunvalson also spilled the beans on what it would take for her to quit.

“I’ve always thought about quitting the show and I thought, you know, when the scale gets more dysfunction and more sadness than happy, I’m off,” she said.

“And that teeter totter really gets pushed sometimes, but I like it,” she revealed. “I like the drama. I like the craziness. I like to juggle a lot of things at once. I was told if you want a big life you’ll have big problems and if you want a small life, you’ll have small problems. I’m a big life kind of girl.”

That teeter totter of crazy and happy has definitely been tested throughout her time on the show, and especially this past season. There were tons of drama between her and Gretchen Rossi (as usual) and an on-again, off-again relationship with Brooks Ayers, but she won back the friendship of former BFF Tamra Judge.

Vicki is loved by many and fans would hate to see her leave the show, but if it ever came to that, her fans know this sharp business woman would find some other way to keep them happy.

Gunvalson and Ayers split up in the current season of RHOC, then get back together after filming ended. The two confirmed news that they were back dating in spring 2013. But now as the summer heats up, the pair are leaving viewers guessing if they have broken up once again.

Just when you think they broke up, they’re dating again.

Gunvalson is leaving viewers guessing her status with Brooks.

“I have learned a lot about relationships in my lifetime and what I do know is my checkbook is guarded, my heart is guarded, my mind is guarded and it’s going to be a very long time before I am walking down that aisle again (if ever),” she said.

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