​Warren Sapp Waitress: ‘Boys Don’t Tip’ Sapp Explains

July 2, 2021

Warren Sapp was upset with a waitress in Florida when he went to a restaurant to watch the United States-Belgium World Cup on Tuesday. Sapp stiffed the waitress, but nobody other than the people involve know what happened. We do know that the Pro Football Hall of Famer wasn’t happy with the service.

Sapp “and the other person he was with had a nice meal, with an appetizer, wings, a reuben sandwich, some Heinekens and a pizza,” YAHOO reports. But when the bill came, for a total of $69.39, he wrote “Boys Don’t Tip” on the receipt. He put a zero for the tip and then handed it to the waitress.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell managed to get his hands on a picture of the receipt and posted the image on Twitter. Sapp responded to the tweet, explaining himself, which seems legitimate. He said the food and service was lousy and that his table was referred to as “boys” by the waitress.

We don’t know whether “boys” was said in a playful way or a condescending, possibly racially insensitive way. If it’s the latter, I bet you wouldn’t tip either. However, Sapp said the service was bad.

Now, that could be because Sapp expected too much from a restaurant called the “Upper Deck Sports Bar and Grille.” Or maybe the service by the waitress was objectively bad. Sapp has been known to tip very well, but there was something not quite right for him to void the tip.

Leaving tips is optional, but it’s the only way a server can make a living. If a restaurant provides good service, the server usually receives a good tip. But then there are people who don’t tip at all, but most people don’t think Sapp is one of them.

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