Wesley Snipes Prison For Tax Crimes

By: Staff
Staff Writer
Published: Aug 28, 2021

Wesley Snipes prison delayed for tax crimes, the Blade movie actor wants a new trial.

Wesley Snipes prison for tax crimes. Blade movie actor Wesley Snipes has delayed his tax crimes prison sentence by asking for a new trial. Wesley Snipes could do anything in the Blade movie, but can't escape prison for tax crimes in real life.

Snipes, 48, three years in prison for tax-related crimes if his latest appeal is rejected by U.S. District Court Judge William Terrell Hodges. The actor was convicted of willfully failing to file federal tax returns. In documents filed in federal court, defense lawyers said they received emails from two jurors who claim that other members had made up their minds before the trial began.

One of the emails said the verdicts were a compromise. "It was a deal that had to be made because certain jurors that had already presumed he was guilty before the trial started and we only found this out in the last few days of deliberation," the email read. "We thought we were making the right deal because we did not think (Snipes) would go to jail for not filing taxes." None of the jurors were identified by name.

Lawyers for Snipes also claim the actor's defense was hurt because they were not informed of a fraud investigation of Kenneth Starr. Starr is an investment adviser whose clientele included Snipes and other celebrities. Starr testified that he had warned Snipes of his duty to file tax returns.