Weston Cage Gets Divorce From Nikki Williams

Weston Cage Divorce – Weston Cage has filed for divorce from his wife of six months, Nikki Williams. He is the son of actor Nicolas Cage.

And by the looks of their respective Facebook accounts, the two are already airing their dirty laundry.

“The single life is perfect,” Williams, who has removed “Cage” from her profile name, posted on her Facebook wall.

Cage, 21, isn’t wasting any time rubbing Williams’ nose in his newfound freedom either.

“WELL ITS OFFICAL . THE DIVORCE IS SETTLED! ………………LADIES, DADDY IS BACK ahahahhahahaahh oh god! its on,” he wrote on his wall.

The back and forth feuding is the latest chapter in the estranged couple’s war of words.

According to court documents obtained by E! News, Cage listed the date of separation as Oct. 24, their six-month wedding anniversary.

Major cracks first appeared between Cage and 22-year-old Williams on the Fourth of July. Los Angeles police rushed to the newlyweds’ residence in response to a 911 call about a fight, and arrested both on suspicion of felony domestic violence.

In a sign of things to come, Cage immediately took to Facebook to get out his side of the story, claiming it was all a “misunderstanding” fueled by alcohol.

He then posted a video rant on his Facebook page. “Traditionally, the person that is abused or attacked or victimized is the one who usually breaks up with the other,” said Cage in the clip before holding up divorce papers. “I’m not gonna be the one that gets dumped. Because it just wouldn’t make sense. Why would I abuse the person I was trying to save?” he asked. “If I hit somebody, which I haven’t done in years … you want war, fine? Then let’s have war. You want peace, I prefer that.”

Looks like Cage and Williams have chosen war.

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