Whitney Houston Private Burial And Ceremony

On Sunday, a day after services for Whitney Houston, the late singer was buried in a private ceremony in the same New Jersey cemetery her father, John Russell Houston, Jr. is buried in.

Police escorted a small procession of a few limo’s, the gold hearse that has been seen transporting Houston around, and a handful of other vehicles, to Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, New Jersey,

The burial was closed to the media and public, with some fans lining the roadway leading to the cemetery entry, tossing red and pink roses in the direction of the gold hearse, as it played “I Will Always Love You,” one of her biggest hits.

Fan, 54-year-old Tony Agostaro said, “It’s Sunday morning, it’s appropriate to be here. It’s the same thing as going to church, to pray for her, and for her family, particularly at this time.”

The procession arrived at around 11:40 am and they left about an hour later.

A teary eyed, Agostaro added, “It’s kind of sad, still, now. Her voice, I loved her voice. I don’t think anybody is going to take her place musically … she could sing any kind of music; a very unforgettable voice.”

Though the cause of Houston’s death is still pending a toxicology report, she was found in a bath tub unresponsive, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. With a history of drug problems, there were reports that several bottles of prescription pills, including, Xanax, were found in the room. Her behavior before arriving back to the hotel that night was perceived as peculiar and erratic.

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