Whitney Houston Had A Fling With Obsessed Michael Jackson

According to a bodyguard, Whitney Houston had a fling with Michael Jackson that would have a long impact because the King of Pop wanted her to marry him. It’s a believable revelation because the pair were close in the late 1980’s.

Matt Fiddes was Michael’s longtime confidant and protector over an 11-year span, and now he is telling the world how Whitney and the King of Pop had an “ultrasecret affair” at the Neverland ranch in California.

“They met because they were two of the biggest recording artists on the planet and mixing in the same circles,” he said. “And they instantly connected as kindred spirits because they understood each other’s massive fame.”

In addition, Fiddes told The Sun, a British tabloid that Houston practically moved into the ranch, “and they had a fling like any other young couple.”

“Michael said later he had always hoped the relationship had gone further — and I know he dreamed of marrying her,” he stated.

“Jackson loved to cultivate his ‘sexless’ image to add to his mystique,” but actually, Fiddes insists, “He was a straight man!”

Apparently, the affair only lasted a mere two weeks. However, Jackson was horrified when Houston broke up with him and later married Bobby Brown.

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