WikiLeaks Launches TV Show To Worldwide Audience

WikiLeaks activist Julian Assange is getting his own weekly TV show, and it’s the first move he’s made since losing funding for his website, after companies like Paypal refused to accept payments and donations for the organization.

Australian political/internet activist Julian Assange has announced via a press release that he will be producing a TV show by way of indeterminate channels to a worldwide audience.

He plans to bring guests on the show and discuss their visions and examine their struggles and philosophies in a more in depth manner than ever before. Julian will be inviting visionaries, iconoclasts, and power insiders to join him in this adventure. Apparently, the unnamed program is already licensed to broadcasters who are commanding over 600 million watchers.

Currently, the WikiLeaks front-man is in the UK, free on conditional bail, waiting to see it Swedish prosecutors will be successful in having him extradited for questioning in regard to alleged sexual offences involving two women. In February, the Supreme Court will conduct a hearing on the matter.

WikiLeaks is a media website that publishes detailed information from tipsters who wish to create a open governance. Their published material includes Kenya’s extrajudicial killings, Côte d’Ivoire’s toxic waste dumping, manuals from the Church of Scientology, and the procedures at Guantanamo Bay.

Assange is well-known across the world for his appearances to discuss investigative journalism, freedom of the press, and censorship.

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