Will.i.am Gets Customized DeLorean Impounded

Recording artist Will.i.am had his customized DeLorean taken away last week, in Los Angles, for not having a license plate and registration issues.

On Thursday, June 14, The Black Eyed Peas member was pulled over by authorities who noticed that he was driving the vehicle without a license plate.

Then, when they looked through his paperwork, they found issues with his registration. So, at that point they asked Will.i.am to step out of the custom vehicle, and they had it properly impounded.

According to law enforcement sources, Will.i.am admitted that he knew the vehicle should not be on the road; but, he really wanted to drive it, so he took it out anyways.

The “Where Is the Love?” artist was cited for the registration error as well as not having a plate on the vehicle. However, from the sounds of it, everything went very smoothly. It was reported that Will was cool and cooperative about the entire thing and had one of his friends come and get him from the scene.

Unfortunately, the DeLorean will remain in the impound until he gets his paperwork cleared up.

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