Willie Nelson Bus Sells On Craigslist

Willie Nelson’s old tour bus was originally for sale in Alabama a few years ago, and it was purchased by a Texas man named Tom O’Leary. He bought the bus and used it for trips for approximately four years.

When he decided to sell the 1983 Eagle, he got a tech-savvy friend to list it on Craigslist for $29,999. The two men had no idea that the interest would be so great that a bidding war would start!

When The Village Voice called Alan (the friend who listed the bus), he said that the phone rang off the hook with calls coming in from Washington state all the way to New York even though the bus was one of two identical buses that were made for Willie’s road crew rather than one Nelson personally traveled on.

With a wood interior and lots of velvet, the customized bus came with a picture of Jimmie Rodgers, a plaque commemorating Paul English (Willie’s long-time drummer, manager, and right hand man) and some amazing airbrushed designs on the sides and back. The only “issues” with the bus were a little bit of peeling clear coat on the exterior and seriously crappy gas mileage (seven miles per gallon when the generator is running). But when you’re talking about a piece of music history, who cares about gas mileage?

At the end of the ad run, O’Leary accepted the highest offer and pocketed a little over $80,000.

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