Willie Nelson Better After A Night In Hospital

Willie Nelson was rushed to the hospital after suffering from breathing problems on Saturday that prompted him to cancel a performance just outside of Denver, Colorado.

Nelson, 79, was supposed to play a benefit concert at Castle Pines Village, about 21 miles north of Denver, that would have raised money for the Dumb Friends League, an animal sheltering organization. But an organizer said that the country legend “woke up and had trouble breathing, so he was taken to the hospital.”

“Willie’s fine. His shows are gonna continue,” said his rep, Elaine Shock. “This was the only one that was canceled. He’s actually on the road to the next gig.”

Shock couldn’t confirm what treatment, if any, the “Always on My Mind” singer had during his short visit with the doctors, but it appears that he has already made a speedy recovery and is scheduled to perform next at the House of Blues in Dallas Texas on Aug. 21.

“He’s not going anywhere,” she added. “It really was high altitude-related.”

This isn’t the first time the country star’s lungs have failed him.

While on a family vacation in Hawaii in 1981, Nelson suffered a collapsed lung while swimming that sent him to the hospital. The incident forced the marijuana legalization activist to scrap 18 concerts while he recuperated.

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