X Factor Spears: 12 Snickers, Doritos, 10 Pieces Of Chicken, Psychologist Spiritual Advisor

The X Factor has given Britney Spears 12 snickers, Doritos, 10 pieces of chicken, her psychologist spiritual advisor, as well as meeting demands that Simon Cowell begins laughing better on another level, as the “season season” begins September 2012.

She wanted her spiritual advisor at all times to be next to her just incase she needs guidance on decision making.

Then Entertainment Wise reported what her list of demands were when it came to her dressing room.

She wants there to always be 34 Herve Leger dresses, 6 cases of Diet Coke, 12 snickers bars, 10 bags of Doritos, 12 vases of magnolia blossom, 10 pieces of chicken and 4 pints of potato salad.

“There are some rules, such as no random people approaching her – no runners or production staff, no one telling her she has to be somewhere at certain times…” one source tells Closer Magazine, of the growing list of demands by Britney.

The source went on to claim that Simon Cowell’s reaction to Britney’s demands is that he is a bit surprised with all the things she wants but doesn’t care as long as she performs well.

“Britney’s in regular touch with Simon and is asking for more and more. He’s been laughing about it, saying she’d better pull it out of the bag after all this fuss,” the source explained of Cowell’s reaction to all the demands. “He’s seen a lot during his years in the business but says she’s another level.”

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