Zsa Zsa Gabor In Hospital For Severe Bleeding

Zsa Zsa Gabor Hospital Bleeding – Zsa Zsa Gabor is headed back to the hospital after experiencing complications from a feeding tube, according to reports.Prince Frederic von Anhalt, Gabor’s husband, called 911 when he noticed the 94-year-old actress was bleeding from a feeding tube that was surgically implanted last month, TMZ reported.

Gabor was hospitalized in October after losing consciousness at her Bel-Air home when the feeding tube came loose and caused an infection.

Gabor has been in and out of the hospital after breaking her hip in a fall at her Bel Air home.She successfully recovered from treatment in June relating to an infection from her feeding tube, which was placed in her stomach after she was hospitalized for pneumonia a month prior.

She was hospitalized in late March for high blood pressure following the death of Elizabeth Taylor, her publicist said.

According to spokesman John Blanchette, Gabor was inconsolable, and said, “Oh, Jane Russell and Liz Taylor — I’m next.”

Gabor was released that same evening, according to Blanchette.

She was admitted to the hospital earlier that month for spitting up blood and complications with circulation in her left leg.

But she refused to undergo a second operation for a blood clot in her leg, her husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, said.

Gabor was placed on blood thinner and antibiotics, which helped increase blood flow.

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