By: John Lester - Staff Writer
Published: May 14, 2021

Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools - Working in your yard can be physically challenging, but unique tools can make life easier. There are several designs that reduce discomfort and injury for gardening enthusiast. We have put a list together on some of the best ones to use outdoors.

Gardening tools begin with the “Weed Brush.” It lets you put chemical directly onto the weeds in your garden with no over-spray. The Rittenhouse website offers it as an alternative to bending and digging up weeds. It is refillable and can also be cleaned after each use.

For alternatives to chemical use, the company offers The “Weed Torch” which eradicates unwanted vegetation by burning the tips. Getting rid of the weeds this way requires regular maintenance. The torch works with propane.

The “Infra-Weeder Eliminator & Dandy-Destroyer” uses infrared heat to eliminate weeds. It also uses propane. The website states, “The intense heat acts directly on the weeds and weed seeds by making the protein in their cells explode.”

Watering plants with a sprayer that has a trigger mechanism can challenge a gardener. The Create a Garden website offers the “Ergonomic Flow-Control 28″ Water Wand,” that you switch on and off and control the water flow with your thumb. The company states that it’s “a perfect solution to those with arthritis.”

As a gardening tool, high-tech gloves are indispensable. They protect your hands from cuts, water, fungus and UV rays. The Womanswork website offers unique gloves made to fit a woman’s hand that come with a hook to attach to your belt loop or tool holder.

The gloves allow your hands to breath, with a ventilation panel on the back. Special gloves are offered for different projects such as working in wet soil, weeding or gripping tool.

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