Bald Barbie Cancer Awareness Campaign – Why Not?

Bald Barbie Campaign – A bald barbie Facebook Fan page is asking a toymaker to create a doll that features hair loss from chemotherapy in an effort to support children with cancer. The product has been around since 1959, and if the company answers to the online petition, it won’t be the first controversy during its history. For that reason, most people believe it will happen.

Two friends, Rebecca Sypin, and Jane Bingham came up with the idea to launch a Facebook page to see how many fans they can get to support the idea of a bald Barbie.

The page is titled “Beautiful and Bald Barbie! Let’s see if we can get it made”, and was set up a few days before Christmas and as of Wednesday had 15,000 fans.

Bingham suffers from lymphoma and lost her hair due to the chemotherapy she had to have to treat it. The 12-year-old daughter of Sypin has leukemia and also has lost her hair from treatments.

Prior to launching the Facebook page the two woman said they had sent a letters to the company about the idea, but Mattel responded to them, saying they don’t accept product idea’s from outside sources.

Now they are hoping if enough people show an interest in the ‘bald; Barbie idea, Mattel will consider it. Saying that such a doll would help to raise awareness for kids with some form of cancer.

“We’re not demanding that the company do anything,” Sypin said Wednesday. “We’re just hoping somebody sees this and can help us make it happen.”

One response posted on the Facebook page read, “If they are making dolls that are inspiring young girls with careers then why not make a doll that would inspire young girls who are dealing with Cancer.”

The page has also inspired a spin-off page for boys with a bald ‘GI-Joe’ doll.

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