Best Diets Healthy Eating Ranking

Best Diets Healthy Eating Ranking – Learn what diets are ranking the best for healthy eating.

Not all weight-reduction plans are nutritious and safe. A new U.S. News ranking rates just how good they are for you.

Weight lost doesn’t always equal being favorable, for you. That new diet that took inches off your waistline could be harming your body if you are not eating from all of the food groups, or if you are relying on supplement carbs, with little scientific backing, or clamping down on calories to an extreme.

You can check the nutritional completeness and safety of 20 popular diets ranked by U.S. News, from Atkins to Jenny Craig to Weight Watchers, in detailed profiles of each one.

Now U.S. News is introducing new rankings, Best Diets for Healthy Eating, that gives each diet a “healthiness” score from 5 (best) to 1 (worst) for safety and nutrition, with safety getting double weight.

Behind the healthiness scores are ratings by a U.S. News panel of 22 experts in nutrition and diet.

No. 1: Dash Diet

4.8 stars out of 5 stars: (DASH) plan for its nutritional completeness and safety — it racked up lots of 5s and 4s in both categories. Endorsed by the federal government’s Department of Health and Human Services, the diet is packed with healthy produce and light on saturated fat and salt.

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