Boy Dies, Rash From Flesh Eating Bacteria Near Camp Pendleton

A 7-year-old boy dies from a rash, known as a flesh eating bacteria, near Camp Pendleton after swimming in a lake while on vacation with his family in San Diego.

Tevita Alatini was playing in and out of the water, but then began to feel sick shortly thereafter, complaining of a rash underneath his armpit and vomiting.

“At first we thought it was nothing to worry about as he was born with a weak immune system but then the rash came,” his aunt, Helen Niko, told San Diego’s

Tevita was rushed to the nearest emergency room where doctors suspected he had contracted a flesh-eating bacteria. He was then was flown to Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, but his body began to shut down on his way there. Shortly after arriving at the hospital, Tevita was dead.

“He was just laying there not feeling well, and he was throwing up again, and he just became real sick. He wasn’t really really responding to his mother, so that’s when they decided that he needed to go straight to the ER,” his uncle Sione Niko told the North County Times.

With all of the reports of the flesh-eating bacterial infections, Tevita’s family is wondering if this was the cause of death.

The San Diego County Medical Examiner’s office said in a statement that “the boy had a severe infection, but said the cause of death was pending further tests, such as microscopic or toxicological examination.”

Aimee Copeland, who also suffered from a similar flesh eating bacteria rash, is still recovering. She’s gone through two months of amputations and surgeries. The 24-year-old graduate student, who lost her hands, left leg and right foot to a flesh-eating disease is finally home but still attending rehabilitation.

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