Cafeteria’s In Schools & Pink Slime Meat

Cafeteria’s Pink Slime – A food additive called ‘pink slime’, which is used to sanitize meat products that are not usually edible for human consumption, was reported to no longer to be used by McDonald’s and other fast-food chain’s in its products, but it appears that many of the nation’s school cafeterias are purchasing the meat mixed with the ammonia-based solution.

The ‘pink slime’ process of cleaning low-grade meat to eliminate E-Coli, has been approved by the USDA, and most schools purchase their meat from them.

Celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver says, “They wash this meat and that kills E-Coli and pathogens and salmonella then we drain it and mince it.” He added, “It’s typically cheap meat given dogs but after it’s processed it can be given to humans.”

Bettina Siegal, of, has started a petition to stop the ammonia-based waste from being on school menus. She says’s, “We don’t know which districts are receiving what meat, and this meat isn’t labeled to show pink slime. They don’t have to under federal law.”

Siegal added, “We should step back and say, ‘Why would we feed this to our kid?”

However, a statement released by the USDA who says the meat is safe, read; “All USDA ground beef purchases for the National School Lunch Program must meet the highest standards for food safety. This includes stringent pathogen testing and compliance with all applicable food safety regulations.”

Beef Products Incorporated, the company that came up with the process, estimates that its ammonia-based product are in 70% of the ground beef sold in the United States.

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