A cat with an allergy may go unnoticed

Cat Allergy – Did you know that cats also have allergies? You might not notice it with your pet, but animals can also have reactions. It is hard to tell if a pet has a problem because there are no signs or indications.

It is pretty easy to tell when we have an allergies. Common signs include: stuffy nose, itchy throat, watery, red, swollen eyes and even rashes.

However, a cat with an allergy may be more impassive. They tend chew themselves raw when their owners are not around. Some felines will lose almost all of the hair on their bellies and the inside of their thighs.

People often do not realize that their pets are just as susceptible to allergies as we are. Even indoor-only pets develop sensitivities to mold, mildew and dust mites. It is common for these indoor allergies to flare up in the autumn they are spending more time indoors.

The first thing pet owners should do if they suspect allergies is take the animal to the vet. Some felines respond to dietary changes and environmental modifications such as HEPA filters in the house. However, the more serious cases may need steroid injections.

Don’t hesitate to take your cat to his veterinarian, if you feel he has an allergy problem. By the time you notice, they have most likely been suffering for a while.