​Coffee Fertility Treatments - Reduces Successful By 50 Percent

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May. 20, 2014

Coffee Fertility Treatments - A recent study reveals that women who drink multiple cups of coffee can reduce success fertility treatments and researchers described the adverse impact as “comparable to the detrimental effect of smoking” after following 4,000 ICSI patients.

The results showed that drinking five or more cups of coffee a day reduced the clinical pregnancy rate by 50 percent and the live birth rate by 40 percent.

“Although we were not surprised that coffee consumption appears to affect pregnancy rates in IVF, we were surprised at the magnitude of the effect,” Dr. Ulrik Schixler Kesmodel, from the Fertility Clinic of Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark, said in a statement.

The link between caffeine and fertility has been studied in the past, with conflicting results. Some studies have found an increased incidence of spontaneous abortion in coffee drinkers, but other studies have not.

However, one much-cited study from 2004 showed that time-to-pregnancy was significantly extended in women when coffee or tea intake was more than six cups per day or when the male partner consumed more than 20 alcohol units per week.

The latest Danish study, which was performed in a large public IVF clinic, involved 3,959 women having IVF or ICSI as fertility treatment. Information on coffee consumption was gathered at the beginning of treatment, and at the start of each subsequent cycle.

The statistical analysis controlled for variables including age, smoking habits and alcohol consumption, cause of infertility, female body mass index, and number of embryos retrieved.

The analysis showed that the ‘relative risk’ of pregnancy was reduced by 50 percent in those women who reported drinking five or more cups of coffee per day at the start of treatment - and the chance of live birth was reduced by 40 percent, though this trend was not quite statistically significant.

No effect was observed when the patients reported coffee consumption of less than five cups per day.

Several recent studies and reviews have indicated that tobacco smoking has an adverse effect in IVF on the number of eggs retrieved, and rates of fertilization, implantation, pregnancy and live birth.

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