Cutting Carbs For Two Days To Losing Weight

Cutting Carbs Two Days – Cutting carbs for two or more days might be a more efficient way to losing weight than only eating a salad-based diet, according to a recent study.

Britsh researchers of, San Antonio Cancer Symposium, conducted a study that showed women who ate 1,500 calories a day, sticking to the Mediterranean style diet, ended up losing only 5 lbs over four months. While another group, who only ate foods packed with carbs, such as bread, pasta, and potatoes, two a week lost an average of 9 lbs.

Based off this research, they are now saying cutting carbs from your diet twice a week, is more efficient than sticking to a low calorie, no carb diet. Providing this is accurate, these results could help many women lead a less stressful calorie counting days. The results also showed that women who lost more weight also had improvements in other health categories, such as better levels of insulin and leptin.

Some may be wondering why a Breast Cancer prevention is doing such research, well obesity is a known risk factor for the disease. Hormones like insulin and leptin are also linked with tumor development. Lead author Michelle Harvie, a research dietitian at the Genesis Prevention Center at the University Hospital in South Manchester, England commented on their findings stating, ” Weight loss and reduced insulin levels are required for breast-cancer prevention, but these levels are difficult to achieve and maintain with conventional dietary approaches.”

While some may think it was just a coincidence, the study has brought attention to the matter of carbohydrate consumption and has compelled other research to begin.