Doctors Are Noting Increase In Sleep Texting

Doctors noting increase sleep texting

Doctors Noting Increase Sleep Texting – Doctors are noting a major increase in the newly found “sleep texting” disorder. It’s the price people are paying for easy communications access. “I twist and turn for at least two or three hours before I actually fall asleep,” said 16-year-old Elizabeth Hammonds.

When Hammonds finally falls asleep, the unexpected happens. Some people may experience night terrors, sleepwalking and even sleep eating, but for Hammonds, who carries her cell phone everywhere, it’s sleep texting. She doesn’t realize she’s sending text messages while she’s sleeping until the next morning, thanks to her friends.

She’s sleep texting words and sometimes random letters to friends. Expert Dr. Marcus Schmidt says he’s starting to see more cases of the new disorder. “Four out of five kids that have cell phones sleep with the cell phone in the bedroom, next to their bed and only one in ten actually turn it off,” Dr. Schmidt said.

He says sleep deprivation can trigger common motor behaviors during sleep, including reaching for the phone when it goes off.

Dr. Schmidt says the phenomenon is so new, that there’s not much research yet, but he knows it can be carried to extremes. One conservative young patient was alarmed to find herself sending compromising photos of herself.

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