Dr. Oz Alleges Arsenic Found In Apple Juice, FDA Disputes

Dr. Oz alleges that high-levels of arsenic is found in apple juice products, but the FDA is firing back stating that it is perfectly safe, and now there are new findings being released.

Dr. Oz made the claims during a show this week and said he researched several store brands and suggests that parents should be “shocked.” However, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is posting fact sheets on its Facebook page and website. They suggest that the public is being misled.

A recent Dr. Oz show bases it premise on a study conducted themselves on the levels of arsenic in the juice. After the show released its findings the FDA countered with a statement saying, that apple juice is safe to drink. Senior science advisor Donald Zink sent a letter to the show’s producers disputing their analysis.

“We’re concerned that people are going to start thinking their juice is unsafe when that’s not the case,” said Stephanie Yao, an FDA spokeswoman.

Zink said in an FDA press release that arsenic is found in water, air, food and soil in both organic and inorganic forms. Because of this, arsenic can be found in some of the food and drink ingested by humans. However, he said there is no evidence of a public health risk from drinking juices.

“As a parent and grandparent myself, I understand the concern over recent reports that arsenic has been found in apple juice,” Zink said in an FDA press release.

Tim Sullivan, a spokesman for the show, said the producers “stand by the results.” Sullivan also said, “a point of the segment is to highlight that the FDA allows juice to have higher levels of total arsenic than it allows water to have. This should concern parents, he said, especially since so much juice is imported from countries without much quality control.”

In addition, the Juice Products Association (JPA), the trade organization representing the juice products industry, says reports about arsenic in apple juice on the Dr. Oz Show are misleading.