By: Cory Perrin - Staff Writer
Published: May 30, 2021

E. Coli Outbreak Kills 11, Sickens 400 In Germany

E Coli German - According to reports in from the German national and global health authorities an E. Coli outbreak has killed at least eleven people and has already sicken at least 400 more in Germany. The foods that have been reported for this mishap were raw lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers, that was release by the Robert Koch Institute. As you would suspect the agency has advised consumers to avoid eating those vegetables, specially in northern Germany.

The six deaths are being investigated to figure out what exactly caused the killing. The breakout of STEC/HUS can lead to kidney failure and death. In addition it is difficult to treat with antibiotics, according to the Robert Koch Institute, which is Germany’s disease control authority.

German Consumer Protection Minister Ilse Aigner stated in an interview, “As long as the experts in Germany and Spain have not found the definitive source of the bacteria, we have to stick with our warnings against raw vegetables.”

According to the European disease center in Stockholm, this is the biggest outbreak of STEC/HUS in Germany ever reported and one of the largest in the world.

Hamburg Health Minister Cornelia Pruefer said three out of four cucumbers carrying the strain of the bacteria were from a shipment from Spain that had been sold in supermarkets in Hamburg. Spain took defense to the claim by saying there was no proof that the E. coli outbreak has been caused by Spanish vegetables. Madrid might take action against those pointing fingers at his nation, stated Spanish Secretary of State for European Affairs Diego Lopez Garrido to the claims of the outbreak.

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