Fast Food Study Released By Washington University

If you are willing to gain a bunch of weight, and you love fast food, Washington University wants to pay you upwards of $3,500 to participate in their study.

The university wants to perform a three-month study were they will need the participants to eat fast food everyday such as, McDonald’s, KFC, Taco Bell, Burger King, or Pizza Hut, so they can research the effects of the less nutritional foods on those who struggle with obesity, and the problems related to it.

They need the willing participants to gain at least 5% of their current body weight in a 3-month period in order for them to be helpful to their research and get the pay day.

“By choosing fast foods, we can regulate that food intake much better than trying to tell people to try to decide on their own eating food at home, which requires judgment and educations on what you’re eating,” said Dr. Sam Klein with Washington University. “By going to eat fast food, we know exactly what they’re eating.”

The researchers at the university are hoping to solve the reason why some obese people develop diabetes and cardiovascular problems, and others do not.

The University has promised that once the study is concluded, all involved will be entered into a weight-loss program to lose the extra weight they put on.

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