FDA Approves Blowfish Hangover Pill

FDA Hangover Pill – The FDA approved a hangover pill called Blowfish.

The government agency handed drunkin’ partygoers everywhere an early holiday gift.

The FDA recently approved the first over-the-counter tablets, designed to be taken upon waking. The tablets are similar to Alka Seltzer; the pill dissolves in water and then you drink it down.

The hangover pills contain some not-too-foreign ingredients: 1,000 milligrams of aspirin, 120 milligrams of caffeine, and a stomach-calming element.

It’s suppose to provide relief in as little as 15 minutes, reports the New York Daily News.

That’s because, as its creator explains, “the magic of the effervescent tablet is that it hits your system much faster than getting a cup of coffee, taking an antacid, and taking some aspirin separately.”

The bad news is it won’t likely be on shelves until after New Year’s Eve. When it does hit stores it will retail for $2.99 a dose (frequent tipplers can save with the $11.99 six-pack).

However, the FDA approved tablets can be purchased online at ForHangovers.com, which offers free shipping.