Florida Rash On Students Is Mysterious

Two teachers and 15 students at McArthur High School in Florida are transported to the hospital to be treated for an unexplained rash as a hazmat response team was quickly dispensed to search for a possible cause.

As soon as the faculty discovered the issue the entire school was on lock down. Then, shortly after, the hazmat response team arrived equipped with a cocoon, used to keep patients separated from everyone else not affected.

The local hospital was informed ahead of time about the situation and had everything prepared as the 17 people showing symptoms arrived.

“They were cleaned with gradually stronger emulsifying or neutralizing agents, even though the cause for the skin irritation was unknown,” Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Joel Medina told the Sun Sentinel.

“It will remain a mystery unless Memorial Regional Hospital comes up with something. The kids had some sort of reaction; we just can’t determine what it was,” he added.

“They were all treated and released as the hazmat team searched the school for some type of irritant, cleansed and sanitized the building. It will be open to the students again today.” In addition, Medina relieved doubt in the media by stating that they “took every step available to try and determine what it was. We do know this: The symptoms never got any worse, and gradually went away.”

A lockdown of this type is normal Florida school policy and in other states.

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