Gay Marriage Study Shows Health Benefits

Gay marriage study suggests that in states that have legal protection for same-sex couples, homosexual men live healthier and happier lives. The lead author, Dr. Mark L. Hatzenbuehler, said their results suggest that by removing barriers will improve the health of people who aren’t heterosexual.

In the research, the study found that there was a 13 percent decrease in health care visits by gay men in the year since Massachusetts passed legislation protecting same-sex marriage. There was also a reduction of 14 percent in health care costs.

The information gathered came from billing records of 1,211 gay patients that had used a health clinic Massachusetts, which found a reduction in treatments for depression, hypertension, and other disorders associated with stress.

Marriage Equality Evidence In Gay Marriage Study

The most important finding by researchers is that it may suggest marriage equality can help reduce stress in gay men, according to Dr. Hatzenbuehler.

He also emphasizes that his research contains a evidence on economic, social, and important contributions to marriage equality.

Following the legalization of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, there was a 13% decrease in medical and health care visits for gay and bisexual men before the law was changed. There was a 14% reduction in health care costs.

The study surveyed and followed 1,211 patients from a large health clinic in Massachusetts that serves sexual minorities. After examining the billing records from the clinic, the data was used to show the reduction before and after the same-sex law for marriage was approved. The researchers also found a reduction in depression, adjustment disorders, and hypertension.

All of these conditions are associated with acute stress found in gay men, according to the study.

Citation: Gay Marriage Study By Dr. Mark Hatzenbuehler

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