Lettuce Recall Expands Amid Listeria Contamination

Pacific Coast Fruit Company is issuing a recall on bagged lettuce due to salad products being contaminated with listeria in four states. The Portland family owned fruit and vegetable distributor urges consumers to throw and discard the product immediately without eating it.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, it was a voluntary recall on certain brands of the bagged lettuce that are sold at Avanti, Evergreen, and Fred Meyer stories in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska.

Listeria monocytogenes is known to cause severe or fatal infections in people with weak immune systems, young children, and the elderly. People who are healthy often have short-term symptoms such as diarrhea, headache, fever, muscle aches, and nausea.

Pregnant women are at an increased risk and sometimes require prompt IV antibiotics, in order to prohibit, stop, or slow the progression of additional serious disease.

The intracellular bacterium was discovered during routine sampling done by the produce company. Listeria is responsible for around 500 deaths and 2,500 illnesses annually in the United States alone.

It is suggested that consumers return the product to the grocery or destroy the product, those who have further questions are encouraged to call Pacific Coast Fruit at 503-234-6411 their hours are Monday to Friday from 8 am – 4:30 pm, PST.

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