Narcissism Affects Health In Men With Higher Cortisol

Narcissism is bad for the health in men, according to a new published study released Monday in the PLoS One Journal, and the affect is a negative one.

Narcissism is defined as a trait that sees some one self absorbed, self centered, and having egotistical issues where they think they are better then others. The researchers from the Universities of Michigan and Virginia, found that those men considered to be narcissistic had higher amounts of cortisol in their system.

Cortisol, could be helpful in giving any energy boost and help the body burn fat, but elevated levels from stress, leads to high blood pressure, low immunity and excess abdominal fat.

“Narcissistic men may be paying a high price in terms of their physical health, in addition to the psychological cost to their relationships,” Sara Konrath of the University of Michigan, co-author of the study, said in a news release.

Adding to the problem, a narcissistic man would be less likely to admit any trouble with stress therefore not receiving treatment for it.

“They’re at especially high risk because someone who admits they’re stressed out is going to get help, but they’re not likely to,” Konrath said. “There may be a cost to this jerkiness. It’s a little sad they’re a group that wouldn’t get help if they needed it.”

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