Never Eat Lunch At Your Desk – Here’s Why

Never Eat Lunch At Your Desk – This may come as a surprise for most, but you should never eat lunch at your desk. It could be a mental and physical health hazard. It all has to do with your keyboard and the stuff living inside of it.

As you wind down your day in front of your computer sitting at your desk, take a moment and look down at your keyboard. You could be looking at something that is dirtier than the toilet seat in the bathroom down the hall. This means eating lunch in front of your computer might be a health hazard.

According to British microbiologist James Francis 4 of 33 keyboards he tested were potential health hazards, and one had germs at a level five times higher than that found on the toilet seat. It makes me want to dip my laptop in a bleach solution and never eat at my desk again. Of course, that’s impossible when your boss’s demands are forcing you to wolf down a sandwich at your desk through lunch.

Just make sure to wash your hands, don’t let other co-workers touch your keyboard, and my best advice is to eat lunch with utensils, not your hands.
To keep your keyboard in top condition, moderate cleaning could be done weekly. A more thorough clean could be done every 2 months (depending on use).