Novartis Drug Recall Due To Pill Mixture

Novartis Drug Recall – Due to tablets from other pills being mixed into a batch of Excedrin headache and NoDoz over-the-counter medication, pharmaceutical drug company Novartis AG is conducting a recall.

Novartis also indicated that some pills in packages may be broken.

Production in the companies Lincoln Nebraska, plant has been suspended where the mixup has occurred, until it is corrected. In the statement the company also included Bufferin and Gas-X in the recall. The recall was also being done with knowledge by the FDA.

The statement read the reason for the recall and suspension in manufacturing was due to complaints from consumers, “of chipped and broken pills and inconsistent bottle packaging line clearance practices possibly resulting in mixed tablets,”

Company spokeswomen, Julie Mascow, said there where no reports as of yet of “overdoses or allergic reactions” due to the mix up.

The recall and shutdown is excepted to cause a, before, tax cost of 120 million dollars to Novartis who had made 50.6 billion dollars in sales in 2010.

Novartis which is based out of Switzerland, was awarded a 486 million dollar contract in 2009 to create the first US based plant to produce an influenza vaccine. It is to be used to create 150,000,000 vaccines within 6 months of flu pandemic if it ever occurred. The site of the plant is in Holy Springs, North Carolina near Research Triangle Park.

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