Palm ‘Hand’ Sized Baby Goes Home After 14 Weeks

Now just over 14-weeks old, baby Melinda Star Guido, who is no larger than a palm sized hand, may be heading home.

Melinda was one of the smallest babies in the world to be born and survive. She was born 24 weeks premature, weighing just 9.5 ounces, to 22-year-old Haydee Ibarra, in California.

Ibarra was at a high risk for her pregnancy because of high blood pressure. A problem with her placenta eventually developed and the baby was not getting the nutrition, blood and oxygen in the womb that it needed.

Ibarra and husband Yovani Guido decided they had no choice but to have the doctors perform a c-section to try and save the baby.

For the first few months Melinda spent her time in an incubator and had a team of doctors and nurses caring for her around the clock.

“The first few weeks, it was touch and go. None of us thought the baby was going to make it,” said Dr. Rangasamy Ramanathan, who oversees premature infants.

Since 1936, there has only been 126 cases recorded of a baby born weighing less then a pound, surviving, and are usually palm sized in length. Now at a healthy 4lbs., doctors believe that Melinda will be able to go home by New Years.