Panel Urges Food Label Rating System

Panel Urges Food Label Rating System

Panel Urges Food Label Rating System – A new rating system of food labels has been proposed by a panel at the Institute of Medicine to help clarify information on grocery packages. The idea urges a standardized measure that could be placed on packaging. In return, it will help consumers make healthy choices without spending hours looking at each box for the ingredients.

The idea behind it is that each product would be addressed with a point system. It would range from 0 to 3 points (with 3 being the healthiest). The point grade would be based off levels of sodium, saturated and trans fats, and added sugars. The majority of Americans exceed the daily recommended intake of these items.

Panel Urges Food Label Rating System Needs FDA Final Approval

With the Obama administration on board, and others such as the American Heart Association the plan to implement the revision, all it needs is a a panel approval from the FDA.

Before consumers see any standardized icon, the FDA has come up with a new way to help shoppers make the proper choices. While this is also a good idea implemented, many feel it will not change how shoppers spend their money on groceries.

That is why the new measure will do more justice than the already approved FDA measures. Regardless, obesity does exist and continues to be an epidemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges that something be done about the obesity crises, which has more than doubled since 1980.

As put by Kreuter, director of the Health Communication Research Laboratory at Washington University in St. Louis, “The panel’s food-rating proposal is simpler than the industry’s voluntary labels because consumers wouldn’t need “any amount of nutrition knowledge” or “a great deal of literacy” to understand it.